Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Post You Were Expecting

C'mon! potusclusterfuckyeah! - I know, my manic blurts re: clusterfuck annoy some of you all the time and all of you some of the time (and I need repeat myself - much of each blurt is the fart-exhaust of blurt-squelches here, there, there, and there), but this isn't the trippiest episode of Potus in your politically conscious lifetime?

Theme Song Three. When the blurt-urges bubble, I... the fuck, why did I, on first draft (this the only draft, that is, I can edit until I publish but once I publish that's it), put a hyphen between fart and exhaust? between blurt and squelches? between blurt and urge? What the fuck is wrong with me? See? Let me whisperwork a sluice or two open elsewhere.


  1. the trippiest episode of Potus in your politically conscious lifetime?

    i started reading newspapers back in the 1950s - yes, i was born in the first half of the twentieth century; yes, i began to read newspapers prior to the onset of adolescence

    so - trippiest? it depends what you mean -

    1968 seemed the most consequential at the time, actually, and of course the wrong side won

    1980 - a turning point in history, one worthy of renaming washington national airport for

    2000 - when the supremes stole the election - is maybe the strangest - i wasn't aware of the full extent of the strangeness until i saw michael moore's documentary about it

    2008 - my father, upon whom be peace, gave up his lifelong republicanism to donate to and vote for our current potus - he passed away the next year, and was spared witnessing the full flowering of american hatefulness which has ensued

    but this election is the very first in which i have decorated my car with a political emblem - so yeah, it IS the trippiest

    the magnet i have is the third one on that page - and as explained earlier in the comments at this site, it is on the side of my car, not the rear

    1. also remarkable about 1968 - lbj gave up on re-election as a result of gene mccarthy's campaign, and then rfk was assassinated (not to forget mlk, of course, though he was not a presidential candidate) - then the police riot at the chicago convention - whole lotta shakin goin on

      in favor of this year's uniqueness and being even more unique, however - thomas piketty (born 3 years post 1968) may be right that the rise of sanders, and, even if he does not succeed, perhaps the later success of a younger, possibly non-white or non-male, aspirant, is the harbinger of a new political era in the u.s. - may it be so

  2. Can't wait until this over so we can get back to making this the Most Awesome Banana Republic Evah!

  3. hafta agree with dr. mistah c: '68 was massively wrong in so many ways. people died, movements & a generation were co-opted (massively), real wars raged, NIXON ffs.

    Still, this one ain't over yet...

    1. I remember seeing the shittage on TV but I wasn't conscious of the 68 POTUS, but yes, clusterfuckwise, we're not yet there, but give us time.

      I'm no doubt overreacting for the fuck of it, but I don't ever remember candidates from both the Red Sox and the Yankees freaking out ownership like these two. Either the Red Sox OR the Yankees, but not both simultaneously.

  4. This isn't the post I was expecting. It blindsided me. I was T-Boned by this post, only pried from my damaged Frame Of Reference by a Ravenbar (much larger and craftier than a Crowbar), and a large Shake with Extra (single) Malt.

    That said, after ensuring All Of Us Then did not die in a nuclear holocaust in the Fall of 1962 (it would have started on my Birthday, oddly enough), JFK's Potusness was spread all over Dealy Plaza -- our special E-ticket to Southeast Asian fun.

    This led to the Glorious Emergence of Tricky, more Southeast Asian fun, especially for the Southeast Asians (but it was really fun for us, too; believe me. I still have fun around it). This led to Sammy Davis, Jr. hugging Tricky in 1972, then Watergate in 1973-74, and ended with Tricky blubbering to David Frost in 1975 about his Quaker mother, and Pat hidden in the background smiling, always smiling.

    Then eight years of Ronnie's Shining Shitty On A Hill. Bushville. Clintoniana. Wee Georgie The Peevish Dullard and President Cheney.

    Tough to choose which Potusness possessed the most Totally Awsomeness™, with a crowd like that.