Tuesday, March 6, 2018


They drive me nuts of late, the cats, at night. The beloved above most!
I'll try not make habit of my iPhone's new gif-enabling button, by which I mean I'll use it more than I think I do,
my cataloging of assholosity, mine, others, everyone's, which predated iPhones, also too.
I asked an elementary school teacher I know if the teacher had heard any other teachers in the school say Word One about the West Virginia (and potentially Oklahoma) teacher strike and she said, Hell no.
I asked the husband of a high school teacher if the teacher had heard other teachers talking about West Virginia but he said the teachers at that high school are still talking about the guy with the gun in that school last week.
All drafts titled next, dated a year from first draft, I haven't prefarted since last time until the next, didn't today.
New tag below, I hope to use it more than iPhone's new gif-enabling button, which is to say, fuck me.
We hiked Sky Meadows past Sunday in clean winter light (was fog last time: fog wins).
Is not the same tree below as in link above, though 100 yards left of somewhere on the compass, fine metaphors apply.


  1. The .gifs are Cool, although the tree looks nervous. Were I a tree, I'd be also.

    Spoke re: WVA Teachers with someone who was at Columbia in '68 and in SE Asia in '69; he said, "Strike! Strike! Strike!" and made the suggestion that in Amurrika, everyone should go out On Strike. Because Freedom, and for once that phrase makes sense.

  2. Replies
    1. I heard on a WTOP fifteen or forty-five. Saw the mustache.